How to earn money sitting at home in India?

Recently I received a call from one of my friends who was sounding distressed over the phone. Wondering what happened to him, I enquired about his and his family well being. He was working in a good company with a handsome salary, he was happy. To my surprise, he told me that, he lost his job and worried about what to do next for his livelihood.

When we have a good job and are earning a good salary, a lot of us also tend to upgrade our lifestlye. We take on debt to purchase luxury items to maintain this costly lifestyle. Sometimes, we do not know how life takes a turn. The same is the situation of my friend. He was worried about his repayments on loan and taking care of his family. He just started searching for a new job. But the situation everywhere is the same. It is not that easy. He was reaching out to his friends and family to help him get a new job to come out of this situation.

This is not the situation of my friend alone. In this pandemic situation, many have lost their jobs. Thinking about what to do for a lively hood is a big question mark. In such situations, we have to think of alternatives.

After working for 22 years, I resigned from my job and enjoyed spending time with my family. After few years, it became routine. Ideas started flickering in my mind to do something sitting at home in the leisure time. I started looking for online business ideas.

How to earn money sitting at home in India?

Many of us may have this question in our minds. There are plenty of business opportunities available which can be done sitting at home. While surfing the internet, I was astonished to see the opportunities. Got many ideas about Online business. The basic requirement for Online Business is a bare minimum of 1. Internet facility 2. Laptop/desktop which is available at every modern household.

After doing research of online business ideas, I find myself suitable for 2 things which can be useful for me to earn money sitting at home in India.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Stock Trading

Digital Marketing

How to earn money sitting at home in India. digital marketing

Why Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is just started booming in India. Many Companies opt for digital marketing as their core marketing strategy. Unlike, traditional marketing, through digital marketing one can reach maximum customers. Digital marketing has become the top preference as a marketing tool.

Understanding Digital Marketing?

It is amazing to know that, there are many digital marketing courses available online. Anyone who is interested can enroll in the course and learn and understand digital marketing opportunities. Digital marketing course offers the following to learn

  • Content Writing
  • Website design
  • Social media network
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • How to use different tools and plugins
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Website Auditing
  • Website analytics
  • Copywriting

Again, each subject goes in-depth when you start learning it. When you understand the basics of digital marketing, you can choose any one subject to master and implement in your digital marketing career. There are plenty of online courses related to digital marketing is available in the market.

Mr. Sanjay Shenoy, one of the top experienced and expert digital marketing mentors explains how content plays an important role in digital marketing. For SEO course details of Mr. Sajay Shenoy, refer to this. Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju another top digital marketing mentor explains how digital marketing can change your life. Click here if you are interested to know about the course details.

I have learned digital marketing from these 2 mentors and believe me it has transformed my life which is why I personally recommend anyone who is interested to learn digital marketing to consider learning from these 2 great mentors.

How you can implement digital marketing?

Online Business Ideas
Digital Marketing

Once you learn and master any one subject in digital marketing, you may go ahead and start your journey as a digital marketer. You have plenty of opportunities available in the market for different digital marketing services. Such as,

  1. Digital Mentor
  2. Web designer
  3. SEO Optimised content Writing
  4. Support for Social Media network
  5. Work as an affiliate
  6. Digital Marketing Freelancer
  7. Help your clients in Google ads and Facebook ads

List goes on.. One can think about earning money sitting at home by offering digital marketing services to their clients.

2. Stock Trading

 How to earn money sitting at home in India? Online Business Ideas.
Stock trading

How to earn money sitting at home in India by investing in stock trading online.

Stock trading is one of the best choices for those who really think they can research and follow the stock market trends and strategies. In India, interest in stock investment is increasing. Those who are in good jobs and have excess funds to invest are taking advantage of the stock market. They consider investing in the stock market as passive income.

Moreover, there are many investors who rely on stock market investment. They have considered stock market trading as their full-time job. Right investment at the right time always brings profit. Basic preparations are most important while trading in the stock market. Such important points are listed in this article here.

How do you start stock trading?

Stock trading requires basic knowledge about the stock market. I suggest those who opt for investment in shares or trading in shares, need to understand the basics first. Several online courses and books are available for learning the techniques of stock trading. You can also learn from big stock investment gurus about strategies they use.

Even if you learn and understand the movement of the stock market, it is you who decides what is your risk appetite. There are many ways through which you can invest in the stock market

  1. Directly purchasing stocks in the secondary market
  2. Initial Public Offer. Click here to know more about IPO
  3. Trading in stocks
  4. Trading with futures and options
  5. Commodity trading. To understand more about commodity trading refer to this
Stock Trading
Online business ideas

Each segment works differently and has its own risk-reward ratio. In order to gain profit in stock trading, you need to have funds for initial investment.

Experienced stock investment gurus always advise beginners to watch the movement of the stocks and be patient to get good returns. As a beginner, understand the basic hurdles anyone will face for stock investment strategies here.

Basic requirement to start Stock Trading

  • Demat Account
  • Trading Account
  • Bank account
  • Pan card
  • Aadhar card
  • Funds for initial investment

You should stay on top of the news regarding the economy and the top companies so that you get an idea of where the market is heading and which companies to invest/trade-in. Also, consult a good financial advisor before investing.

You can refer this article to know the stock market details step by step.

Also check this link for more details

It is risky to trade in the stock market without doing any research. Hence, I strongly recommend that you understand the consequences of trading in the stock market before investing.

Hey, stay tuned for our news letter on stock Market

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