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Digital Marketing is the future I can say. Yes. In the present scenario, we are leading to an internet-based society. You will get the required information on any subject in no time with the help of online search engines. Demand for Digital Marketing experts has increased.

Now that opportunities are flowering in digital marketing why not understand digital marketing and start a digital marketing freelance business or work as a digital marketer. The traditional method of one-to-one sales /marketing is now diminishing. Companies are focusing on digital marketing to reach their customers.

It is not necessary to work for any company. You can also build your own brand and sell your own products or services to your prospective customers. To begin with, you must understand how to build your personal branding.

Marketing has existed since ancient days. But, all marketers will not succeed in their business. Why? because the first rule of marketing is to understand the needs of your customer first, then design your product or services according to their needs. This is the best solution that has always worked for any business to succeed.

To succeed in digital marketing, you are going to use integrated digital marketing solutions like Social Media, Content Writing, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Video Ads, Digital display ads, etc, These tools are going to help you in grabbing the attention of prospective customers.

Digital Marketing

First of all, understand your area of interest. Learn more about it. Be intelligent enough to understand your talent and passion. Your passion and talent will lead you to choose your niche and build your brand. Always remember, your brand should be your recognition.

Let us understand integrated digital marketing tools;

1.Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click) :

SEM is the first one to hit the market successfully. It helped the marketers to reach their customers just by searching their products online,  For Ex. If someone is searching for the best investment option in Mutual funds, you will get the details of all Mutual Funds just by searching online. Once when you click on a particular Mutual Fund, only that fund will be charged for the click. This process will save a lot of money for the companies from unnecessary wasting of funds on the advertisement. SEM is so powerful that the chances of hitting the target prospect are higher than traditional marketing.

2.Search Engine Optimization (Organic Traffic) :

How SEO Work?


SEO works on 3 basics
1. Crawling
2. Indexing
3. Ranking

A maximum number of prospects get to know about your brand while searching online. Hence, your content should be optimized for search engines. Basically, try to be a leader in your niche. You have to optimize your content in such a way that, your post is ranked on the 1st page while searching by the user. Also note, you are going to generate the lead by asking the user for his/her details like name, email, and phone number.

3. Email Marketing :

Once after generating the leads through SEO, now you can use Email marketing systems by sending emails to subscribers to give updates on your products or services offered by you. Though this system has its own drawbacks like subscribers blocking your emails, this system still works on its own phase in converting prospective customers. You can use drip email marketing tools for sending emails and subsequent reminders.

Social Media Marketing

4. Social Media Marketing:

The present generation spends most of their time on social media like Facebook and Instagram to connect with their friends and follow celebrities and influencers. Marketeers utilized this opportunity to grab the attention of prospective customers by posting their ads on social media.  You too can use social media by posting Facebook ads, google ads to promote your brand or you can use this tool for your customers to get more sales.

5. Digital Display Marketing:

You might have observed, when you are browsing online, suddenly an advertisement will pop up. Naturally, you will be attracted to see that pop-up ad. Pop-up advertisements are often displayed on social media. Chances of attracting users through these pop-up ads are more. These pop-up ads should be simple, short, and interesting pieces of articles or videos.

6. Content Marketing:

Content is King. Your content will explain your brand and will decide your success rate in promoting your brand. Content should be simple, attractive, powerful, and useful to the users. Before creating any content, think about your passion and talent and select the proper niche which suits your brand.

Understand better about digital marketing and learn about Niche and  CATT marketing funnel.

  Wealth = n^CATT .

(n) Choosing the right niche is an important step for building success and wealth.  You should understand the problems of the marketer and give proper solutions or the product.

C Content writing

A Attention

T Trust

T Transaction

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing


Understand Digital Marketing with Digital Deepak here.

Content: Now you may ask me how this works? Let me explain. As we discussed Content is King. When your Photo ad, Video ad, Blogs are full of creative, informative, and interesting content, more customers are attracted to your brand. For Ex. 5 Star Chocolate Ad, Fevicol Ad. Be clear to deliver quality content that is useful to the users.

Attention:  You drive the attention of the customers towards your brand through SEO, Blog posts, Paid ads, content writing, etc. It is the brand name that normally attracts customers. This is purely based on how you have built your brand name in the market. When people are happy with your products or services, next time they will find you directly by your brand name. Also, they refer your brand name to their friends and family.

Trust: Small word with high weightage. Gaining trust from the customers is very important for any marketer to establish his business. One should maintain quality to gain trust. The satisfaction of the customer for getting quality products will increase the trust in the brand which in turn increases the demand. Likewise, when you add value to your content with informative details in your blog, people will get attracted to it.

Transaction:  When the customers are happy with your brand, they start referring to more people in their contact. Trust in your brand will be converted to a transaction. When they find your blog reliable and useful, they start reading your blog with trust for getting useful information and gaining more knowledge.

How can you implement digital marketing?

Now you know the importance of CATT Funnel, you can decide what your goal is and how you are going to achieve it with the help of digital Marketing. To be a digital marketer, you have to learn all the concepts of digital marketing we have discussed above. Your learning should be like a “T” shape. Learn all the areas of digital marketing and choose any one area of your choice to understand in depth.

With all these, you can choose to ;

Be a Digital Marketing Freelancer :

Once you understand the concepts and implementation of digital marketing, you can offer your services to the marketeer who want their business to grow through digital marketing. As a Digital Marketing Freelancer /Consultant you can offer ;

  • Website design
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Copywriting
  • SEO services
  • Site audit
  • Email marketing
  • Consultancy

If you feel it is too early to start on your own and want to gain practical experience, you can join good digital marketing company.

The real satisfaction is when you impart your knowledge to someone who is interested to learn about it. Learning and teaching is a continuous process. Digital Mentoring is also a great job one can look into. If you are fond of teaching, and if you have the teaching skill, digital mentoring is the best option.

Your next step of action will be ;

  • Build your brand via social media paid ads.
  • Publish an article consistently with quality to drive traffic to your website.
  • Create a Landing page with a lead magnet. You can use the content to drive the B2C ( Business to Customer)lead.
  • Build your own set of tribes.
  • Send out Emails for timely updates with a link requesting 1 to1 call with the B2B (Business to Business) lead.
  • Be open and interact with your tribe to understand their needs.
  • Keep track of your competitor

Setting up Facebook and Google Add

To promote your brand, you are required to set a display ad or video ad. on Facebook or Google or on both. Your landing page will be running conversion-optimized ads and generate leads. Be clear that, your ad should be simple, attractive, and useful to your customers. Attach ‘Typeform’ asking for details like the Name, Address, and Email Id of the lead.

Now you optimize these ads for Search Engines. Come up with good keywords your tribe searching for. Optimize your search ad with these keywords.

Once after generating the leads, you can send them emails and try to convert the lead into a transaction, and close the deal. After you start following this method, you will learn how to convert a lead into a transaction.

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